Sunday, August 27, 2016 was the final One Loft Danish Pigeon Race, the biggest One Loft Race in Scandinavia. At the start of this year’s contest were scored 1714 pigeons.


The number of breeders was significantly higher than 2015, among them are some of the world elite: Klaus Stieneker, Bart Geerinckx, Gaston Van de Wouwer, Hardy Krüger, Gino Clicque, Claus Jensen, Jung Jupid, Marcel Sangers & Chantal Vredeveld, etc.

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In the final at Versele Laga – Holle (350km) were qualified 850 pigeons from Belgium, Holland, Germany, UK, Romania, and beyond. The launch took place at 08.30 am in the morning as soon as the fog was over. If at launch weather condition was very good, during the race, it have become extremely demanding: temperatures of 35 degrees and headwinds.
Florea Sorin Team participated with a total of 10 birds, and 7 of them were qualified for the finals. They succeeded exceptional results, ranking in the final One Loft Race 2016 Danish Pigeon on positions 8, 23, 92, 212, 512.