Nikolaas founded Pigeon Paradise in 1999 at a time when very few websites existed "on line", dedicated to the promotion of the sport of racing pigeons. He can, within our sport, rightly be considered one of the early pioneers in the use of this medium. His belief in the overriding importance of the, then emerging, but underutilized internet, has proven to be of considerable importance. By 2003 Nikolaas graduated from the University of Ghent with a degree in Applied Economic Sciences and immediately decided to amalgamate his two passions the internet and his love of news and the racing pigeon sport. The results of this decision have clearly revolutionized the sport of racing pigeons worldwide.

Pigeon Paradise an informational site soon morphed into PIPA the most powerful medium in the pigeon world today. PIPA has played and will continue to play an instrumental role in transforming a family hobby into an emerging new industry. PIPA can rightly be viewed as the focal point for the entire racing pigeon sport worldwide. In the 21st Century, regardless of where you are physically located on this planet, if you need to know what is going on in the pigeon world then all you really need is a browser and an internet connection pointing to Nikolaas now spends the bulk of his time charting the strategic policies that will ensure the continued growth of this unique enterprise by expanding both the reach of the PIPA network worldwide as well as PIPA’s relationships with its clients worldwide. As an professional organization , the PIPA team, is dedicated to quality , to service , to dependability, to reliability, to fairness and finally to transparency. PIPA and its entire team is available to serve the needs of both the elite sellers and worldwide buyers, dedicated to purchasing only the very best.

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