" If I would summarize this text in only few words , it will be like : "A dream come true" or "Living in a dream" . In the first place when you say Team Florea Sorin , you say family , because all the people involved in this project are a beautiful group of friends . Starting with Florea "Pea" Ion , and continuing with Florea Sorin , Gyselbrecht brothers and me ( Dr.Dinu Mihai ) , but also with the guys that are helping us with the cleaning of the lofts , feeding and everything . Everybody involved in this project have put some soul into it . Because we can't do nothing in life , if we don't put some love in it . When my good friend and "big brother" , Mr Sorin came with the ideea of this project I felt from the beggining that a beautiful story is about to start . I knew from the beggining the fact that he is a visionary , in life , in bussines and now in pigeon sport . He decided not to

restrict only to the borders of Romania , he knew and he felt from the beggining that we must move further , on european level , on international level . He knew from the beggining that youngsters with romanian rings can compete anywere in the world , on any circumstances . And for this reason , Team Florea Sorin started new partnerships with great names in international pigeon sport , names like : Alfons Klaas , Klaus Stieneker and Andreas Drapa in Germany , Eros Carboni in Italy and Marcel Sangers in Holland . To all this big names , teams of 20-25 youngsters with romanian rings were send , and the results are more than promising already . It's unbeliavable how many good friends we've made all over the world trough this beautiful passion . Now , more than ever , the words of our good friend Jan Hooymans , come into my mind : " It's not all about money and pigeons in life " - words of wisdom , coming from one of the greatest champions that pigeon sport ever gave to us . Our purpose is to win everything that is to win , in Romania from 100 to 1000 km , in the countryes were we have pigeons in partnership also , and in the International One Loft Races also . Because Mr Sorin is involved also in box promotion , I will end this lines with a quote from the magical Muhammad Ali , because this quote reflects perfect the new Team Florea Sorin project : " Champions are made from something they have deep inside - a desire , a dream , a vision"