You need to have a registered account if you want to place a bid. After registration, your account will need to be approved before you can place bids.
You can register here or contact us for help.


In order to ensure that every bid you place is legitimate, you need permission to bid. You only need to ask permission once to enable this.
We will call you personally to confirm your registration. It may take up to 48 hours before you receive permission to bid. This being the case we advise you to ask for permission well beforehand when wanting to bid on a certain pigeon.





You have to be logged in order to place a bid. Submit your bid, then click on “Bid”.
You will be notified by e-mail when you have been outbid.



Your account details are listed on the “My Account ” page.


Email Alerts

You will be notified by e-mail when you have been outbid.
A pigeon will only be shipped / can only be picked up after TEAM FLOREA SORIN has received your full payment.
The prices of the auction pigeons are given in Euros. For romanian customers the auction price will depend of the BNR exchange rate.

If you buy a pigeon via TEAM FLOREA SORIN, you will receive an invoice by e-mail.

You can pay your invoice using  the following method:

  • bank transfer into our bank account in Romania (note: bank transfer charges are at the expense of the customer)



Team Florea Sorin ensures with a payment the transport of pigeons on the territory of Romania and all over Europe. Details of the shipment will be discussed after the auctions have been completed. The winner of the auction will be contacted by a Team Florea Sorin representative to complete the transaction.

TEAM FLOREA SORIN maintains a strict selection procedure and we avoid selling pigeons that are too old or who have had too few youngsters in the last few years. However we cannot guarantee 100% fertility once the pigeons change to a new environment. In this case, pigeons that seem to be infertile should be reported to TEAM FLOREA SORIN within two months after receipt of the pigeon (two months at the very latest).
If a pigeon is dead on arrival, photos should be taken and reported to TEAM FLOREA SORIN (through the sales agent) and the original ring, ring card and pedigree should be sent back to the sales agent within 24 hours after receipt.
If a pigeon is ill on arrival, this must be reported to TEAM FLOREA SORIN within 24 hours after receipt of the pigeon.
The sex of young pigeons is always a mere indication. It can never be 100% confirmed.
Contact TEAM FLOREA SORIN if you have any questions or complaints about your purchases.