Sensational, unreal, and from another league. The 2018 racing season of Derwa-Luxem is hard to put into words, and their national first prize from Argenton III is the icing on the cake.

Albert and Francine showing Irina, 1st nat. Argenton III old birds

The Derwa-Luxem pigeon family was overwhelmingly strong on a number of occasions this year. It rarely happens that one team gets in the spotlight so often in a single season. It was a conversation that we overheard quite a few times in pigeon clubs in and around the Brabant region: “What do you think of team Derwa last weekend? Incredible, right?” There was one thing that Albert and Francine had not been able to win this season, something that would really make this a memorable season for them: a national victory. But the two fanciers were patient, and they were more than happy to add a national first prize from Chateauroux III to their 2018 palmares, making this a truly exceptional racing season.

Irina BE17-206511

Irina claiming victory in Argenton III was not really a surprise: she had already won 19 first prizes in 2018, including a win in the Brabant Union of 2,953 pigeons from Blois. She was able to win a prize per 100 in her last three races, and that includes her victory from Argenton III, which is her 20th race of the season. Here is an overview of her best results so far (at least prizes per 10):

21/04: Soissons (190 km):           7th      1,156 p.   coef.: 0.606
28/04: Soissons:                    11th     1,421 p.          0.774
12/05: Chevrain (334 km):           238th    2,572 p.          9.253
26/05: Chevrain:                    91st     1,597 p.          5.698       
02/06: Blois (444 km):              1st      2,953 p.          0.034
10/06: Laon (162 km):               13th       799 p.          1.627
16/06: Bourges (457 km):            24th     2,374 p.          1.011
23/06: Argenton (535 km):           15th     3,879 p.          0.387
07/07: Chateauroux (506 km):        145th    2,667 p.          5.437
15/07: Blois:                       25th     1,012 p.          2.470
04/08: Momignies (105 km):          10th       281 p.          3.559
18/08: Chateauroux:                 8th      4,631 p.          0.173
25/08: Le Mans (458 km):            2nd        233 p.          0.858
01/09: Argenton:                    1st      3,279 p.          0.030


The national winner in Argenton III


We go back to 17th of August 2013. The first arrivals for the national race from Issoudun are coming in, as racing bird Invictus reaches the loft of Derwa-Luxem at high speed, claiming a national first prize from Issoudun of 16,587 pigeons. Five years later Albert and Francine claim their third national first prize with Irina, which happens to be a daughter of Invictus. As a youngster of Invictus, this hen originates from Pauline, arguably one of the best breeding hens of the last decade. Numerous articles have been published about this super class breeding dam and her talented descendants, which have been extremely successful over the years. Besides national, zonal and provincial first prizes at home, Pauline’s children and grandchildren have also led to great results in other lofts, in Belgium as well as in The Netherlands and Great-Britain (click here to reread our report on her death in 2015). And Irina is related to another highly renowned Belgian bloodline from her mother’s side: Bliksem of Gaby Vandenabeele. This son of Kolonel gained an international reputation very early on in his career, and Irina has further adds to his status. Click here for Irina’s full pedigree.

The eye with which Irina left 3,321 opponents behind


Derwa-Luxem ended the season exactly like it began: with overwhelming strength. To illustrate, we show you some of  their best results in the early, mid and late season. Would their opponents be able to do better next year?

02/06: Blois:   
Demer & Dijle: 
295 olds:   1-2-3-12-24-32-38-54-59 (9/9)        
681 YLs: 1-2-5-9-33-43 (6/9)  
1,482 olds: 12-14-20-59-126-189-214-286-317(9/9)
2,953 YLs: 1-30-57-79-226-268 (6/9)
15/07: Blois:   
Demer & Dijle:   
101 olds:   1-2-4-6-7-10-31 (7/8)                
279 YLs: 4-8-15-36-43 (5/7)   
551 olds:     2-7-24-30-31-44-153 (7/8)
1,091 YLs: 14-33-54-142-155 (5/7)

25/08: Le Mans: 
Demer & Dijle:    
62 olds:  1-2-4-5-6-7-8-9-10-11-12-15 (12/15)   
233 olds: 1-2-4-5-6-7-8-9-16-19-23-30-59 (13/15)

08/09: Blois:   
Demer & Dijle:    
92 olds:   1-2-3-5-8-9-10-16-17 (9/9)          
683 YBs: 2-4-7-9-10-11-15-17-23-28-29 (42/59)  

324 olds:    1-6-7-11-26-44-45-77-78 (9/9)
2,427 YBs: 3-20-32-36-38-40-47-68-77-158-179-181-192-199-200-217-256 (30/59)