Chinese President Xi Jinping pointed out in the 19th national congress that we must resolutely win the battle against poverty.

We should mobilize the whole party and the whole society, adhere to precise poverty alleviation, implement working mechanism of overall planning of provinces, cities and counties, strengthen the responsibility system of Party and government leaders, adhere to the pattern of large-scale poverty alleviation, pay attention to the combination of poverty alleviation comrades and intellectual support, and carry out in-depth poverty alleviation cooperation between the Eastern and Western regions, focusing on overcoming poverty.

The task of poverty alleviation in deep poverty-stricken areas is to ensure that the rural poor will be lifted out of poverty by the current standards of the year 2020, Poverty – stricken counties have all taken off their poverty hats to solve the overall regional poverty, so as to get rid of poverty and really lift themselves out of poverty.

Every man should not only live for himself, but also for others.

β€”β€”Li Zhaoxing

At present, it is the key year for China to build a well-off society in an all-round way and fight against poverty. In order to respond positively to General Secretary Xi Jinping’s ” Mobilize all Party members and the whole society to work together to win the battle against poverty”. ” The great call of Precision Poverty Alleviation ” set up the Pigeon Precision Poverty Alleviation Charity Fund on November 20, actively joining the army of precision poverty alleviation and poverty alleviation in Dongxiang county, Gansu Province, China’s poorest area. This act of kindness won the praise of former Foreign Minister Li Zhaoxing, and he went to the charity fund launching ceremony to cheer for the founders and pay tribute to the Chinese pigeon friends.

He said: ” The founder’s kindness makes the Chinese Pigeon Association so proud. Learn from you and salute to you. ” Then he encouraged everyone: ” When the People’s Republic of China was just founded, Chairman Mao wishes long lives to the national people. The great European philosopher also said that if you live, you must help others live. General Secretary Xi Jinping stressed that the realization of Shared future for all mankind. All this shows that we should learn to be grateful. Our party gives priority to the interests of the people because it is grateful to them. Everyone should not live for himself, but also for the sake of others, and the realization of Shared future for all mankind is a major proposition that shows the party and government’s accurate grasp of the trend of world development in the future.

Pioneers donated 6.6 million poverty relief funds to dongxiang county, Gansu Province

Inspired by the spirit of Minister Li, pigeon friends at the charity auction held up auction cards in succession to be charitable pioneers, and finally sold the founder ” China Cup” pigeon ” Miracle” to a record price of 22 million yuan. At the end of the auction, the founder put out 30% of the auction money ,which is 6.6 million for the champion pigeon on the spot. The Beijing Cross-Strait Pigeon Friendship Association and the Taiwan Cross-Strait Pigeon Friends Exchange Association each paid 50,000 yuan to donate 6.7 million yuan to Dongxiang County in Gansu Province for precise poverty relief. In response, the founder chairman Su Quanlin said: “our poverty alleviation in Dongxiang County of Gansu Province can not be solved overnight, but need continuous efforts, until really pulled out of poverty.”

Gansu dongxiang county People’s Government presented a banner to the founders

Social forces are one of the important forces to win the battle against poverty and are an important helper for the government’s poverty alleviation work. Today, China’s carrier pigeon business can achieve such brilliant achievements. We should be grateful for this great era, for this great country and for the wise leadership of our party. It is our duty to actively help the country to do some charity work beneficial to the people. Today, as a good social force in the Chinese pigeon industry, the pioneers are grateful and help out the fight against poverty. It is the pride of our Chinese fanciers! Today, after 10 years of hard work, the founders have not only won the honor of Chinese pigeon friends in the world, but also made our industry infinitely brighter. Today, the founders are shouldering greater responsibilities and striving to advance in order to push forward the great journey of Chinese carrier pigeon movement to become a powerful racing pigeon country.