The sensational auction of grandmaster Gaby Vandenabeele takes off on Monday 29th of October. The weekend of 10, 11 and 12 November will mark the end of an internationally renowned pigeon family. In the lead-up to this auction PIPA will be organising a special quiz!
Numerous pigeon fanciers at home and abroad are eagerly awaiting the start of what is likely to be a legendary auction. Gaby Vandenabeele was forced to end his pigeon racing career due to health issues, forcing him to sell his entire pigeon family in auction.

What is the main prize?

The PEC is giving away a young bird from a brother of none other than the iconic PEC breeder Porsche 911, specially for the occasion. This youngster is in fact a grandchild of BE15-4013198, which is a daughter of Fyther x Gloria, making her a 100% Vandenabeele bird. This Vandenabeele hen was paired to ‘Son Nikolaas’, and together they bred BE16-4129169, an excellent racing hen. She has an 11th Nat. Libourne 3,950 p, a 59th Nat. Jarnac 5,117 p., and a 110th Nat. Argenton 22,712 p. to her name, and she was the 2nd best yearling over three long distance races in 2017!

This makes her a top class racing bird with such illustrious names as Geerinckx, PEC, and of course Gaby Vandenabeele in her pedigree.


Wacko Freddy and Lieve, the grandparents of the pigeon that will be given away!

Take a bet using our online form

To have a chance at winning our main prize, you have to guess the total revenue of the entire Gaby Vandenabeele auction (about 810 pigeons)Fill out the web form, and make sure to include your contact details. Remember to place your bet in time, before Monday 29th of October at 12:00 noon (CEST!). We only accept bets that have been sent in through our web form! For completeness’ sake we also included the regulations:

  • The person to guess the total revenue of the Vandenabeele auction or the one with the closest guess wins the prize.
  • In case of a draw the person to submit his or her guess first will be the winner.
  • Each fancier is allowed to submit one bet only. Bets submitted by family members or other acquaintances that do not have their own KBDB membership number will be deemed invalid. If you do submit more than one guess, only your first bet will count.
  • You can only join the contest using the online form, and by filling out your address, your contact details and your overall revenue.

Good luck!