The Gaby Vandenabeele total auction starts on Monday 29th October 5pm. Here are some important practical details regarding this auction. Gaby Vandenabeele talks about his auction in this video:


Auction start

The entire auction will be published on Sunday 28th October from 5pm. However, you will not yet be able to bid. Bidding will not be possible until 24 hours later, on Monday 29th October 5pm.

Auction end

The auction was divided into three separate auctions, with three closing days:

  • Day 1: 128 lots, which close on Saturday 10th November from 11am. Each next lot closes every half an hour: part 1 ends at 11am, part 2 at 11:30, part 3 at 12am, etc. The same goes for day 2 and 3.
  • On day 1 we sell the first part of the old bids’ collection plus a small group of young birds, born in 2018.
  • Day 2: 245 lots, closing on Sunday 11th November from 11am. On day 2 we sell the second part of the old birds’ collection plus a small group of young birds born in 2018.
  • Day 3: 352 lots, closing on Monday 12th November from 11am. On day 3 we are just selling young birds born in 2018.

Pigeon filter

It has been a while since we first introduced our pigeon filter, which lets you filter pigeons by sex,  test criteria, the breeder, and other parameters. We added another search field specially for the Gaby Vandenabeele auction, which lets you filter on youngsters of specific birds. This feature will be introduced for most future auctions. If you want to browse through all the youngsters of Rudy, you can do a specific filter search. You can do this for many other renowned birds as well.

We have 2 filters:

1 filter per auction, which only shows you the pigeons of the current auction day. This is how it works:

1 filter for all the auctions currently running on PIPA; you will be able to set a filter for ­all the pigeons of Gaby Vandenabeele. You can run this filter as follows:


Our ‘Favourites’ category has been in use for a few years as well but with so many pigeons being sold in this auction, we thought it was time for a recap. When browsing through the auction, you can pick your favourites by clicking the star next to the pigeon. Your favourite birds will then be listed in a separate overview. This will make it easier for you to browse the pigeons that you are actually interested in, without having to skip through the entire auction.

Breeding schemes

An alternative way of browsing through sections of the auction is by using the breeding schemes below. There is a separate breeding scheme for each important pigeon/bloodline, which starts with the stock breeder in question, and which comes with an overview of the hens that the stock breeder was paired to, along with their respective youngsters and grandchildren.  Every pigeon included in this scheme that is also sold in auction, will have a ring number that links directly to the pigeon itself. Next to each ring number there will be a reference number for that pigeon as well. For example: (3.2.05) means: Auction day 3 – part 2 Lot 05.

Attention: the young birds of 2018 are not included in these auction schemes.
Tip: if you have trouble reading a schedule, you can zoom by pressing CTRL and + simultaneously

New Bliksem
Royal Blue
Super Romeo

Young birds

If you are looking for an easier way of finding a certain young bird in this auction, just use the following tip to filter on origins:

You can either filter on “youngsters Rudy”, “youngsters New Bliksem”, etc. For further details see “PigeonFilter”
For the young birds of other breeding birds, we always included the name of the sire and the dam in the young birds’ full name. And since you can look up pigeons by entering their name in the text field of the filter, you can also just enter the name of a breeding bird and click “Search”. You will then get an overview of all the youngsters of that given breeding bird from 2018.

Pigeons For Life

The entire proceeds of the young bird BE18-3130843 will be donated to the Pigeons For Life charity. We have another dedicated PIPA auction later this year, in which other fanciers too are giving away pigeons to support this good cause. Since this Gaby Vandenabeele auction is a total auction, we obviously decided to sell this pigeon now, instead of waiting for the Pigeons For Life auction in early December.
This pigeon will be sold on Day 1 – part 11 – lot 05.


If you are still interested in ordering the catalogue, you can do so by clicking here.


All pigeons in this auction were still fertile in 2018. The pigeons born in 2011 and earlier will be given away for free along with a young bird. This will be clearly stated for each old bird in auction. The pigeons that were no longer fertile in 2018 are not offered for sale. Of course, neither Gaby Vandenabeele or PIPA can guarantee that all pigeons sold in auction will remain fertile in the future. Since this is a total auction, with no substitute pigeons available, the future fertility of any pigeon is the responsibility of the buyer.

The two most famous pigeons that are no longer fertile, are Super Romeo and Benji. Gaby’s friends and relatives were already well aware that these pigeons had not been fertile since early 2017. They will obviously not be sold in auction.

Further questions

Frequently asked questions and answers about registration and the bidding process on PIPA can be found on this page: click here.

If you did not find an answer to your question, do not hesitate to contact us at