The moment you start practicing the performance pigeon sport you already have the ambition in the blood. Then, as you start to win, you become more and more ambitious, you want to self-indulge yourself. Each future competition motivates, but ambition is the feature that defines Team Florea Sorin. You can be talented, but without work and ambition you will not get anything.

In a fierce competition Romania through Team Florea Sorin succeeds at Pattaya International Pigeon to beat the most titrated and successful international columbodrom players Koopman, Jan Hooymans, Mike Ganus, PEC, Hans Paul Esser, Hok M Reijnen, Laro Ervin , Hans & Evert & Jan Eijerkamp, ​​Lang Fang Yin Dun Ge She, Luo Yong Kun, etc. It is our joy to bring Romania to the attention of those interested in such competitions worldwide. It is a good result that forces more. It was not easy, and those who take part in such races know this. Simplifying we can say that today was the second flight of training Pattaya International Pigeon Race 2018.

3128 pigeons started in the 25km race at 14.10.2018 06:50:00 (GMT +7: 00). The first pigeon arrived, was a Florea Sorin pigeon. With an average speed of 1165.41 m / min, it was found at 07: 11: 27.10 with the first place in a selected competition. In the next 15 minutes, all Team Florea pigeons have arrived and were found, remarkable considering the extremely demanding conditions of this race. It is a good start that we enjoy with all our friends. We will always remain modest, optimistic, aware of the strength of our group and always willing to move on. Where there is no passion, there will be no performance!

We wish success to all breeders!