A sample of ‘pure strength’… we couldn’t describe better the performances of super pigeon ‘Il Ragno’ . 

‘Il Ragno’ - IT10-025321


1° Interprovincial Molfetta  3.372 pigeons(594 Km with 1113 m/min on the 29th of May 2011)

1° Interprovincial Otranto   2.600 pigeons (791 Km with 1043 m/min on the 25th of June)

2° Provincial Brindisi (723 Km with 1039 m/min)

4° Interprovincial Brindisi  3.403 pigeons (on the 12th of June 2011) 

Superior performances from a ‘top talent’ on an ‘Ace bird course’! A top athlete of iron and steel… wrought from that golden Marcel Aelbrecht (see reference)blood in crossing with lines from ‘Vital’ (national Ace bird by Noël Lippens) and the ‘Didi’ (national Ace bird by Etienne Devos). No… ‘good blood’ never lies!

Il Ragno IT10-025321 Family

Il Ragno IT10-025321 Family

Because in his pedigree we see that his father is a direct Andre Verbesselt, and then a direct ‘Son Miss Joice’ B09-4322753 (out ‘Son Bak 17’ B07-4373754 x ‘Miss Joice’ B05-4130439… or the golden M.Aelbrecht-blood)  x ‘Graziella’ B03-3001648, hen originating from Etienne Devos (and granddaughter of  ‘Vital’ Noël Lippens x the golden ‘Didi-line’).

Il Ragno Father “BAK 11 BE09-4322753”

bak11- BE09-4322753

BAK 11 BE09

BAK 11 BE09


Il Ragno Mother – “Graziella  B03-3001648”

‘Graziella’ B03-3001648