Chris Hebberecht , Florea Sorin , Dinu Mihai and Bart Hebberecht

Chris Hebberecht , Florea Sorin , Dinu Mihai and Bart Hebberecht

Chris Hebberecht

  •  1 si 3 As Fond Belgia KBDB 2010 !!!
  •  2 National As Fond Belgia 2004 cu “Champion” ;
  •  2 National As Fond Belgia 2005 cu “Pancho” ;
  •  1 National As Mare Fond Belgia 2005 cu “Axl” ;
  •  1 si 3 As Fond Belgia 2010 !!!!

Here is a short summary of the results Chris Hebberecht had at the national flights within the last 4 years:

  • 2 Castres din 4.101 p
  • 2 Beziers din 5.886 p
  • 4 Souillac din 3.551 p
  • 5 Cahors din 13.093 p
  • 7 La Souterraine 9.061 p
  • 8 Soulliac 8.327p
  • 9 San Sebastian din 1.475 p
  • 10 Perpignan din 6.246 p
  • 11 Narbonne din 6.929 p
  • 12 Brive din 22.026 p in
  • 14 Souillac din 7.358 p in
  • 19 Limoges din 8.867 p in
  • 26 Beziers din 5.886 p in
  • 28 Beziers din 3.539 p in
  • 28 Cahors din 9.989 p in
  • 35 Montauban din 8.027 p
  • 36 Cahors din 11.838p
  • 41 Limoges din 16.945 p
  • 41 Limoges din 8.618 p
  • 59 Barcelona din 13.021 p
  • 70 Limoges din 16.504 p
  • 73 Souillac din 2.925 p
  • 80 Montauban din 6.901 p
  • 81 Souillac din 7.214 p
  • 84 Limoges din 11.799 p
  • 86 Perpignan din 5.765p
  • 93 Soulliac din 8.327 p
  • 96 Castres din 4.101 p
  • 99 Bourges din 15.581 p

It’s the 4th time I am visiting Chris, beginning with 2004, and for Mr. Sorin this was the first visit. Chris came to Romania for the first time in 2004, with EXPO FCPR Constanta, then he came again in 2011, on the occasion of the Gyosport days, invited by Gyany Antonescu.

It is impossible to go the Belgium and not to pay a visit to Chris Hebberecht, no matter if you are fond of fond-marathon or speed-demifond; that is why Mr. Sorin wanted to visit him. His doves are exceptional from all points of view. Chris has a homogenous family of doves, slightly consanguine, that he  took over from his father, a great champion of his time. Like any real champion, Chris introduces new blood in the breeding of his pigeons, and the ‘stem’ stays the same. In 99% of the cases, Chris did not sell his doves, due to the cause mentioned above.  “ I sell the fruit, but never the tree.” One exception was “IKE” – that won the 1st place as Ace, Fond, Belgium KBDB 2010, a dove that was sold in China for 250,000 Euros, an international record at the time. But even in this case, Chris did not sell it until he made sure that many direct offsprings from it remain in Evergem, to ensure the future of his dove colony.

To my opinion, Chris Hebberecht is the best pigeonsport lober from Belgium , for distances between 700-900 kilometers during the last 10 years. Many pigeonsport lovers have obtained excellent results with his doves; the best example at this point is Gerard Koopman who told me that the Hebberecht doves were the best combination that he has been doing for many years, both for the races in Holland and those from the lotf race around the world. “JD Auction” , the dove that won the 3rd place in the Million Dollar Race  Final Contest , is 50% a Hebberecht dove, and its father is a son of the legendary “Talis”. In 2009, Gaby Vandenabeele won the 2nd place at the Million Dollar Race Final Contest and a check for 120,000 $ with a Hebberecht dove, and the father of the offspring was  a son of the famous “Champion”. On the other hand, the best results of the last years within the Million Dollar Race, obtained by Gerard Koopman and Fam Eijerkamp, were due to doves that were 50% Hebberecht. Chris himself won the 1st place at the Final Race, Thailand, One Loft Race 2008, within one of the toughest loft races in the world, where only few European doves go to the Final Contest, because of the excessive moisture and the flight over the jungle.

My friend Mr. Sorin has already ordered a lot of 10 offsprings (squabs) from Chris’ best doves, among which “Jempy” – the father of  “IKE” – that won the 1st place Ace Fond , Belgium, 2010.