Freddy Vandenheede , Florea Sorin and Jaques Vandenheede

Freddy Vandenheede , Florea Sorin and Jaques Vandenheede

Vandenheede Brothers :

  •  1 National  General Belgia KBDB 2012 !!!
  •  1 National Tulle from 6.341 yearlings in 2011 !!!
  •  1 National Bourges from 26.910 pigeons in 2009 !!!
  •  1 National Bourges from 21.972 yearlings in 2009 !!!
  •  1 Provincial As Pigeon Demifond Belgia KBDB 2008 !!!
  •  1 National Demifond Belgia 2007 with “Rivendel” –  Olimpic Pigeon !!!
  •  1 Provincial Demifond Belgia KBDB 2003 !!! etc , etc , etc ;

I visited Freddy Vandenheede for the first  time  in the spring of 2004. Then I paid him visits in 2005 and 2008. Sincerely speaking, I did not know  many things about him during those years, but I visited him because I was advised to do so by Nikolaas. Thus I discovered an exceptional pigeon fancier, a man who seemd extremely serious at first sight, but who , at the same time, was an exquisite observer of daily life and a real philosopher of pigeonsport. I learned many interesting things from him, mainly about motivation. During those years there were only the females that Freddy had  fly, of course widow females. Ever since then he was considered the best professional of the flight with females at widowhood. Though his brother Jaques lives across the street, the two had participated to competitions from different lofts and with different names, till the automn of 2008; that year they decided to join forces. Where two people unite, the power is greater- this was a thing that the two brothers proved, by winning two national competitions in 2009!!!!!The decision to unite their forces came after Freddy was appointed as a principal in the school where he has always been teaching. At the same time, his brother Jaques retired and thus the decision to form up a pair ( a tandem) was quite logical. Therefore, the breeding doves were all transferred in Jaques’ lofts, and Freddy’s aviaries were 100% meant for the widow doves. Freddy told me that he decided so, in order to isolate the matca from the flight lot ,as much as possible, securing it a long-term health. Freddy is the one who completely changed the contemporary pigeonsport , due to just one dove: “ Topkweeker Freddy”. In 1994, Freddy met the famous Frans Sablon for the first time; the friendship that emerged then between them  lasts till nowadays. They met at a pigeonsport event where, in front of a glass of beer, the two decided to exchange one squab. Frans Sablon offered “Frans” as a gift to Freddy, and Freddy made “Topkweeker Freddy” a gift to Frans. Since then on, the results and references of the two increased !!!! At present, “Topkweeker Freddy”  is considered one of the best reproducers from the history  of pigeonsport and implicitely  of the carrier pigeon.

In 2003, when the pair De Rauw-Sablon sold all their doves in a public auction, the late Pros Roosen purchased “Topkweeker Freddy”  for a big amount of money, taking into account its age ( 9 years old) . In the latter’s lofts the fame of this wonderful reproducer increased much more, and it became the father of “Blauwe Prins”!!!!

In the total auction of Pros Roosen of 2011, Freddy Vandenheede purchased 9 direct sons/daughters of “Topkweeker Freddy”  and he paid a real fortune for them!!!!! Freddy bought these doves without even checking them “at hand”. Here we should mention a very interesting element in Freddy’s philosophy regarding the pigeonsport: he does not count at all on the selection “at hand”.  To him, all that is important is represented by the results and the pedigree. It seems difficult to believe for the majority of the pigeon lovers, but who knows Freddy very well can confirm this.  That is why many a times Freddy’s doves do not look perfect when checked “at hand” – from our point of view-  but they have extraordinary ambition, vitality and immunity. Does anyone believe me when I am saying that Freddy does not administer any drug ( no antibiotic, no wormer, no anticoccidian)  at all to his doves from the end of the contests till the beginning of the new season?? For sure no one believes me, just as no one believes me when I am saying that, during this period,  his doves receive apple cider vinegar and garlic in their daily water!!!!!At the above-mentioned auction my Belgian brother, Nikolaas Gyselbrecht purchased a daughter from “Topkweeker Freddy” for 60,000 Euros; he reached this fantastic sum as he was bidding against  Eric Limbourg.

“Miss 60.000 euro ” :

It was normal for me to advise my friend Florea Sorin to visit Vandenheede Brothers and , if he wanted, to buy a few squabs from them. We were expected to arrive on Tuesday, at 4 p.m. , but due to some unexpected events, we arrived at the two brothers around 7-8 p.m. . Perhaps nobody would have disturbed them, but when a friend is waiting for another friend, time has no importance any longer. Jaques, Freddy’s elder brother had gone to sleep, but he welcome us with joy and warm feelings. The two have presented us all their champions….in fact, we checked “at hand” all their  breeding doves. Among them, all the 9 sons/daughters from “Topkweeker Freddy”, the 10 sons/daughters of “Limoges”, and all the top doves that now won their deserved place at the breeding loft . Though I knew his doves, I was realy impressed by this visit. We have been  speaking for 2-3 hours, with very interesting and educational pigeonsport subjects; Freddy was fully open to our questions! !!! As usually, the funny stories or events could not be missing. At some point Mr. Sorin tells Freddy…..I like your pigeons very much, that is why I want to order a lot of 30 squabs from you for the spring of 2013.” Freddy looks at Mr. Sorin, then at me and says a bit surprised: “O.K.”.  He also told Mr. Sorin that, if he follows him and not the pedigree, he will make an exceptional lot of squabs for Mr. Sorin. The two parties agreed and in April I will go to Belgium with Mr. Sorin and we will share some whole series of squabs with Freddy. We have the right to choose our squabs “at hand”. Thus, half of the series is brought to Bucharest and half of it stays at Freddy. The next day, while we were still in Belgium Freddy calls me. He asks me a bit puzzled: “You know, Mihai, your friend , Mr. Sorin ordered 30 squabs from me, right?”  And I answered “Yes, it is absolutely sure.” Here Freddy adds:” I am a bit puzzled , because your friend ordered 30 squabs without even asking me what are the prices for each dove.” I smiled in my mind and I said: “ No problem. When my friend wants something, nothing can stop him. Consider the squabs as ours.”

Freddy Handenheede’s doves are doing great in Romania, although not many were imported during all these years. Those who imported directly are the pair Chicheanu & Rusu ( a pair that obtained exceptional results with these doves, and they even have an Olympic dove)  and my friend from Borsa, Maramures – Danci “Catuna” Ioan  (who has doves from Freddy  and who makes a pair with Iusan Darius from Bistrita- Nasaud).”

Here I want to emphasize a very important element that is not related to this article, but it is very interesting and vital for the Romanian pigeonsport and for the promotion of Romania’s pigeonsport all over the world.  THE REAL PROMOTION. …or , to put in in other  words: FACTS, NOT MERE WORDS!!!!! Today my good friend Florea Sorin was invited by the famous Jan Hooymans and Klaus Stieneker at the football match between Ajax Amsterdam- Steaua Bucharest. This is one advantage for Florea Sorin and one advantage for Romania!!!!!

This year a son and a daughter of “Topkweeker Freddy” will be brought to Bucharest…and watch this!

Together with a daughter of the legendary Limoges” : De Rauw – Sablon;

Together with a daughter of “New Freddy”- that won the 1st place as an Ace at Big Demifond Belgium, 2010!!!!! A dove that is 100 % Freddy Vandenheede!!!! “New Freddy” that is also an Olympic dove was purchased by Nikolaas Gyselbrecht for Pipa Elite Center. Mr. Sorin already has two direct offsprings from “New Freddy”, that is:  a female directly from “New Freddy”- that won the 1st place as an Ace at Big Demifond Belgium KBDB , 2010 with “Amalia” – that won the 1st place as an Ace at Big Demifond Belgium KBDB 2011, and a male directly from “New Freddy” that was made fly in the lofts of Freddy Vandenheede.

At present Nea Ion “Mazare” has about 20 nephews/granddaughters from “Topkweeker Freddy”;

Together with the best reproducer of Freddy, at the time being; a female that, if we are to take into account the checking “at hand” , should have been cut long ago; BUT, more than sure, Freddy’s philosophy is right!

 the 1st place at the National Bourges 2009, from 26,910 adult doves

*the first place at the National Bourges 2009, from 21,972 yearlings

* the 1st place at the National Tulle 2011, from 6,341 yearlings;

* “Rivendel” – that won the 1st place at the National Demifond Belgium KBDB 2007 – an Olympic dove!!!!!!

*“Nodeesha” that won the 1st place at the County Demifond Belgium KBDB 2003;

* “MADINA” :

The most famous sons of “Topkweeker Freddy”: “Blauwe Prins” and “Dromer”;