I scheduled a holiday in Monte Gordo, Algarve ever since the spring, and at the time I decided to  send a team of 3 offsprings within the Golden Race Algarve loft race. Unfortunately , no dove participated at the great final contest. But there is a saying : “ He who does not risk, does not win.”Last year, the first edition of the loft race  was a real success, due to the management of Rui Emidio, the owner of the loft race. He made a golden movewhen he brought Rogerio Germano as a manager, one of the best pigeonsport lovers from South Portugal for more than 15 years. We were received as if we had always been friends, and their  hospitality has many things in common with the Romanian hospitality. Due to Rui and Rogerio we discovered the real food from Portugal, in small restaurants where the clients were local people, rather than tourists.

Together with Rui Emidio (the owner of the loft race and Rogerio Germano (the manager of the loft race)

Together with Rui Emidio (the owner of the loft race and Rogerio Germano (the manager of the loft race)

I met some “Romanian pigeonsport brothers” who were working in Spain for several years.  Some of them were pigeon lovers in Spain. I had the chance to meet great German champions (Dr. Brockamp, Klaus Stieneker, Hans Esse), great English champions ( Mark Gilbert, Roger Lowe, etc.) and the greatest champions from Portugal at the time being – Paolo Campos (Pipa Portugal), Rui Emidio, Victor Picanca, The Jose Brothers, Carlos Teixeira, Ana and Miguel Risca, etc. There were 7 days of pigeonsport courses, together with great champions from 3 different countries!!!!

From my point of view, although this is the second year since it was opened, the Golden Race Algarve loft race  will become the most powerful in Europe next year. It holds 2000 places, but it can easily be extended. They have good referrences such as: serious organizers, the perfect climate and the endless shores.

Although we missed the final race (it was postponed, due to the bad weather: those were the only days when it rained in Algarve; that is, pure bad luck) , we actually had a wonderful holiday. My friend Bibi Stefanescu has proved again that, as far  as the prizes he won in international races, he s the best  pigeon lover from Romania!!!!  After he won the 7th place in the Final contest of the last year, this time he won the 5th place!!!

Prietenul meu Bibi Stefanescu a dovedit din nou ca in ceea ce priveste premiile castigate pe columbodroamele internationale , este de de parte cel mai bun din Romania !!! Dupa un loc 7 in finala de anul trecut , acesta reuseste un senzational loc 5 !!!