On November , the 10th, together with Florea Sorin I went on a trip throughout Europe having just one aim: the pigeons!!!! It was an extraordinary trip, where we met new people, we made new friendships and we checked “at hand” hundreds of pigeons among which many National Aces. These  were some fantastic 6450 kilometers!

Visiting Klaus Stieneker – a well-known name in Germany;

Visiting Klaus Stieneker – a well-known name in Germany;

The first person on the list of visits was Klaus Stieneker, a name that is not so well-nown in Romania, but a real champion in Germany  for more than 30 years. We reached Klaus due to the German business partner of Florea Sorin. We were received as real friends right from the beginning, and we were accommodated at the hostel that Stieneker Family had in a wonderful rural area, among some old forests. Many people say that we were accommodated thus because Florea Sorin bought doves from Klaus for big amounts of money, but I have to contradict you: hundreds of pigeon lovers pay visits to him every year, coming form all over the world, BUT very few of them become his friends!!!!!! When there is a certain affinity and a mutual sympathy between two persons, the rest comes naturally. And all the time of this visit  we had the feeling that that we know Klaus for a long time. We discovered his doves had a naturally acquired immunity, a quite solid immunity (this is perhaps the reason why  Klaus’s doves are doing so well around the world’s lofts races). This is a dove family formed of Belgian pigeons from the Antwerp area ( Dirk Van Dijk, Albert Marcelis – reedy and silver doves- and Gummar Leysen). Klaus is a very good friend of the famous Dirk van Dijk and they swap doves every year. For this reason, Klaus’s dove colony is 80 % based on the Van Dijk pigeons.

Due to the exceptional results on the world’s lofts races, Klaus is asked to participate in certain pairs, with his doves, at contests around the world , and mainly on the most famous lot race  from the entire world : Million Dolar Race – from South Africa. Let me give just one example: this year Klaus attends to a contest in Africa in one of the teams with the famous Dr. Brockamp, a pair named Stieneker – Brockamp. Moreover, in the visit we paid to Dr. Brockamp , the latter told us that  Stieneker has one of the fastest doves he has ever seen!!!!

An extraordinary event occured right before our leaving: Klaus suggested to my friend Florea Sorin  to take part in the contest from South Africa  from 2013 under the name Florea- Stieneker…BUT …under the flag of Romania!!!!!  A beautiful gesture and a proof of sincere friendship!

We were invited by Klaus at a football match of the local team, team that works in C Division in Germany. With all sincerity I must recognize that there are not such spectators in A Division in Romania. A stadium with 16,000 places filled at every match. They are civilized people who come there with their wives and children to watch every match and they thus enjoy a week-end day together.  I have never seen so many thousands of beer glasses drunk one after the other , and yet , the atmosphere stayed the same till the end, and the fair play was at its peak in the stadium’s bleachers. We realized we were so many years behind Western Europe in terms of civilization!!!!! Tens of years. At the beginning of the match, some 100 school children have toured the stadium , as a sign of fair paly and mutual respect. After that the children took place in the stands of the stadium till the end of the game. When shall we see  a thing like this in our stadiums from Romania? Before the game, Klaus made a surprise and gave each of us a T-shirt imprinted with our names. These are beautiful events that can never  be forgotten and they make real friendships, friendships that can last for a whole life!

Florea Sorin has bought 43 doves of different ages from Klaus, among which 3 are direct offsprings of the famous “Carlos”  – an Olympic dove and, according to the score, it falls in the Top 3 National of the last 35 years in Germany!!!!!! This is a UNIQUE thing! Besides these, direct descendants and brothers to all the top doves of Klaus. Some of them will be presented  further in this article. Klaus Stieneker is the representative of Million Dollar Race ( South Africa)  in Europe , for the Northern part of Germany and for: Sweden, Norway and Denmark. Due to Florea Sorin, Klaus Stieneker will take part in Romania’s loft raceswith a powerful number of doves: that is in  the Balkanik One Loft Race and the Black Sea One Loft Race. Together with him, many German pigeon fanciers will attend to these races, that is professionals at the international level !!!! Again, an exceptional lobby for the image of Romania around the world.

The hostel of Stieneker Family;

Up in the attic, two sections for  the breeding doves. Thus the birds are protected from any variation of temperature…and also from thieves!!!! The thieves have stolen a big number of doves from Klaus , in 2009!Fortunately, he passed with flying colors over this bad-luck;

During the resting time, the pigeons always sit on straw, and food is left up to the birds. Despite this, no dove was fat!!!!

100% naturally acquired health and immunity;

As one can see, the roof ventilation is controllable. Different from other lofts, this one does not have a very high attic, because the lofts are situated in an area with high humidity, that is in the middle of the forest.

The section for widow males; both his widow males and his widow females fly in the races; But for each of them, the partner stays at home;

The air enters from downwards, through these vents and is drawn naturally towards the ceiling; The airing vents are very little, because this is an area with high humidity;

In this loft the widow females spend the whole dayduring the season; thus the pairing is excluded.

In this open loft the females of the widow males stay during the season;

I took three photos , so that all the pigeon fanciers from Romania to understand the fact that Klaus Stieneker’s doves fly from the middle of the forest. To me it was really incredible to notice that, all the more he has many silvery, reedy and spotted doves. It seems that in time they became very tough doves… and this is still another advantage to their participation in the loft races. And also because of the predators, Klaus’s doves are staying closed for 6 months per year, beginning with September.

A rare , powerful relatioship between the doves and their owner. Here it is Klaus with his best reproducer he ever had…DAISY. Sons and daughters, brothers and sisters are already in the breeding aviaries of the Florea, Ion “Mazare” and Sorin pair;


Klaus together with “the Squirrel”- a female dove that is very, very ugly , when checked “at hand”, but with exceptional results, both as a flying bird and as a reproducer

3 top doves that were brought in Nea Ion “Mazare”’s lofts;

A pigeon that is a genuine Koopman bird, one that in 2006 won the 1st place as Ace, County  Demifond. In 2005, Klaus bought 35 squabs from Koopman and had them fly and this one became a County Ace . I must emphasize a very important thing: all the great champions from Western Europe constantly buy pigeons!!!! All of them….not as the majority of the pigeonsport fanciers  from Romania believe: that the former just sell doves!!!!!! Not at all! !!!!

Together with a nephew from “Kannibaal” that is already in Romania. Its nest brother is kept by Klaus at the breeding section .

Together with an exceptional  female dove. A good sister of “Daisy”, this female dove has been in the matca of the famous Dirk Van Dijk for 3 years…now it is living in the reproduction aviary of Nea Ion “Mazare”.

Togetehr with Klaus’s favourite female dove: “Miss Kannibaal” one that ensures the future reproduction of the loft, according to Klaus. The  very consaguineous granddaughter from “Kannibaal”;

A “Kannibaal” nephew that is kept directly at the breeding section. The picture looks exactly like its father; the son of “Kannibaal”  (there are 2 pictures below)The nest brother of this male is already in the breeding section of Florea Sorin. Actually the breeding aviary of Klaus has its identical duplicate in Bucharest…!!!!

A “Kannibaal” son!!!!

Top pigeons

An exceptional bird, with 66 prizes…but one that in 2013 is again part of the flying lot!!!! Klaus is a real pigeonsport  fancier!

Together with “HANNO”


Together with “Moritz”- one of the “pillars” of Stieneker’s  dove colony;


Together with “GUMMI” – one of the most beautiful doves that I have evenr seen;


Together with “Mozez” (the same as the one in the next picture);


Together with a son of “Kannibal’’!!!! A great reproducer!!! (see the next photo);


Together with “CARLOS” – the legend of the German pigeonsport!!!!! According to the coefficient, it falls in the Top 3 National  from the last 35 years from Germany!!!!! Germany is the home of the viteza-demifond flights!!!! An exceptional bird and an unrivaled  reproducer of several generations !


Together with “CARLOS”

“Moritz” and “Carlos”

“Mozez”- that won the 9th place as Ace Demifond Germany!!!! A great reproducer. As soon as I entered Klaus’s  lofts my attention was driven towards a certain male dove….by chance , a direct son of “Moses”. What happened to me was a rare thing. I immediately knew it had to be mine. When I asked Klaus about the price, he said that it was not for sale, because he had it fly for 4 years with very good results and  because “Moses” is already 10 years old, He wanted to keep it at the breeding section. Besides this detail, Klaus told me that he preferred this one , as it was the identical copy of its father. I did not insist on that , because I understood his principle. At the end of our visit, my two friends,  Florea Sorin and Klaus Stieneker offered me an unspeakable surprise: they offered it to me as a present! A present for which I am again thanking them . The name of the pigeon? “Pit Bull”.


“Pitbull”, the son of “Moses” is now my son

The sections for breeding.

A few of the trophies won over the years:

Five minutes before the match started. One minute before were filled with the 16,000 spectators. The German precision.