Dinu Mihai , Adrien Mirabelle , Sebastien Casaert si Florea Sorin

Dinu Mihai , Adrien Mirabelle , Sebastien Casaert and Florea Sorin

- 1e Montauban Nationaal 1994 - 5.335 porumbei ('Invincible Montauban')
- 1e Souillac  Nationaal 2000 -  7.154 porumbei ('Nasdaq')
- 1e Brive     Nationaal 2004 -  7.446 porumbei ('Mistral')
- 1e Bourges   Nationaal 2008 - 13.472 porumbei ('Footsie')
- 1e Bourges   Nationaal 2012 - 20.577 porumbei ('Olympic Fifteen')
- 1e Argenton  Nationaal 2012 - 26.133 porumbei ('Jewel')
- 1e National Pui KBDB 2007 ;
- 1e National As Mare Demifond Belgia KBDB 2011 ('Amalia')
-1e National As Mare Demifond Belgia KBDB 2013 ('Nikolaas') etc,etc,etc ;

Adrien Mirabelle , Nikolaas Gyselbrecht , Gregory  Casaert , Maurice Casaert , Sebastien Casaert si Dr.Guo – “Great Wall”



Sebastien Casaert is certainly  the best Belgian  champion at Middle Distance Races during the last 3 years. Rleatively unknown in Romania, he successfully continues the tradition of his family, mainly of his father, Maurice Casaert who was a champion for more that 40 years.  What Sebastien managed to achieve as a pigeon fancier , other people are not able to realize, even if they lived for 3 lives!…Despite this, 2013 had a bad beginning for Sebastien, on the personal level. At the beginning of the year, his unique son , Hugo was diagnosed with a tumour on the brains. A few months after this diagnosis, his father, the legendary Maurice  Casaert died. As God is close to the people with a pure heart, Sebastien was happy that Hugo’s surgery was successful and because “Nikolaas” won the title of “Ace at Great Middle Distance, Belgium 2013”!!! Due to his son Hugo who inherits this beautiful passion, Sebastien started to participate at the fond races during the last 2 years and he was successful.


Mr. Sorin together with Ivan Willockx, a PIPA reporter, a pigeon lover and an ex- performance sportsman (he was a goalkeeper in the first league of football from Belgium)



*Sebastien Casaert :”In 1997 I bought an old farm, the place where I am living now and i started to practice the pigeonsport on my own, after I was a manager of the Claude Hetru farm in France and I was the manager of the legendary Silvere Toye in Belgium. The first lofts were buit in 1999, and I took part in the first races in 2000. Of course the first doves came from my father , Maurice Casaert, then from George Bolle and from Gaby Vandenabeele.  In 2001 I bought several eggs from Eric Limbourg, from which  were born the main reproducers of the time being. Why I chose the afore-mentioned pigeon lovers? It’s easy : because they were the best during those years,  at distances between 400-600 kilometers  and that was what I wanted . My thoery is simple and is always the same:MATCA, FLIGHT, SELECTION. Only when the results are those desired, I start to speak about the doves’ origin. And because I want top results rapidly, I am very tough with the doves’  offsprings ever since the year when they are born. In 2008 I introduced  doves from Gaston van de Wouver, Geert & Clara Phillips and Joost De Smeyster.”


Mr. Sorin having the legendary “Palme D’Or” in the hand, and Sebastien with a sister of “Amalia’s”.


*Sebastien Casaert :”My wife Anne is my main supporter, as the life near a pigeon lover , as a woman, is a difficult life , mainly at summertime. Hugo is my second fan, and started to help me a lot at the lofts. Also, my friend Henry Bernard helps me a lot with the doves.”

– What Sebastien realized in only 3 years will be almost impossible to equal ( although the records are there for others to overcome, that is we have to be always positive): 1 National Ace at Great Middle Distance , Belgium KBDB 2011 with “Amalia” and 1 National Ace at Great Middle Distance, KBDB 2013 with “Nikolaas”. It is an extraordinary thing that these two exceptional champions have the same mother, that is “Palme D’Or”, a dove that is originally from Gaston van de Wouver and the granddaughter of the legendary “Kaasboer”



*Sebastien Casaert:” Doves were  and are the passion of my life, and the winner spirit lives in my genes. In my aviaries I am the only owner, and the dove that I am looking for is the one that can fly every weekend, since May till August, stages with distances between 400-600 kilometers.”



Mr. Sorin with “Nikolaas”



Dinu Mihai with Nikolaas


Sebastien Casaert: “ I am demanding a lot from my doves, and “Amalia” is a good example that my theories and requests are not wrong. She won the 1st place at the Semi National Race on May 20th and the 2nd place at the National Zone Contest on August 27th. She has been flying  more that 300 kilometers in 2011, for 12 stage, and that year she became the National Champion ad the Great Middle Distance. To reproduce a National Ace is the dream of every pigeon lover.””


“Nikolaas”with its first pair this year, of course, in its individual box



Females from the flying lot

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Widowed males


A place with widowed females: during the season the floor is covered with these rotating gratare. When the females have to be fed, two elements are taken out and then they are immediately placed back, after the females finished eating. Thus laying eggs is impossible

* A daughter from the “Nikolaas” line has already been brought to Bucharest:



* Also, Team Florea Sorin has a daughter from “Amalia” and “New Freddy” ( 1st place  , Ace, Great Middle Distance Belgium KBDB 2011):



* Besides these two females, Team Florea Sorin has a brother of “Amalia”:


* Moreover, following the visit at Sebastian ,Mr. Sorin has bought 2 exceptional offsprings:

* The son of “Nikolaas’s” father and a sister of “Palme D’Or”

Scan0001 (1)

* The daughter from “Nikolaas’s” father  mated with its own daughter:

Scan0002 (1)