Considering the friendship that I have with Mr. Alfons Klass, one of the best players in the world ONE LOFT, I had the pleasant surprise to be invited to it meets one of the most famous German breeders, Mr. Gunter Prange.


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Hence was born sympathy and friendship based on mutual respect, exchange of knowledge and experience and of course purchasing some very valuable pigeons from the great 261, 520, 330, etc. We talked about the reproduction of birds, about preparation for flight, choosing the best specimens, about proper ventilation of loft, about nutrition and health of the pigeons and believe me these are just some of the many of new things that we have learned .







It started by purchasing a daughter of the famous 261 from an auction on PIPA. One we receveid of these pigeons we have found undeniable value of these pigeons. Team Florea Sorin currently has six sons / daughters of the famous 261, six sons / daughters of 520, two pigeons of 666, two pigeons from 99, two pigeons of 778 and one pigeon from 2100 and 351. I thank again to Mr. Gunter Prange for great value of the pigeon he gave it to me with all dear and professionalism, telling me that having this genetic line of pigeons makes Team Florea Sorin more powerful both nationally and especially internationally.

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I was impressed by the warmth with which Mr. Gunter Prange welcome Us. I learned a lot of new things from him and I look forward to the next visit because we promised each other that we visit and we will continue to exchange pigeons.

I thank once again to Mr. Alfons Klass, who gave me the opportunity and pleasure to meet the legend alive Gunter Prange, a tremendous sportsman from all points of view and an admirable man!