Johan De Vroe, Tom Van Gaver and Rudi Vandeputte, these are 3 pigeon lovers that live at only 3 kilometers from each other ; they decided 5 years ago to form a new pair and since then the results are better and better. I sould also mention that this pair “flies” directly against The Vandeheede Brothers,- a powerful opponent. Everything started when Tom’s offspring got used in Johan’s aviary.





This one has mated the female with his best breeder and gavethe first squab as a present to his neighbour, Guy Everaert. This offspring won the 1st place Nat Bourges that very year!!! At the same contest, a sister of the winner won the 11th place at the National Race. This was the moment when the tandem appeared , with the following tasks: Johan was to take care only of the offsprings, Tom was to take care of the yearling and adult lot, and Rudi was to take care of the widowed females. “Before the embarkment, we have to constantly maintain the motivation of our widowed pigeons, that’s why we like to vary. In the first 3-4 stages, the males are embarked without seeing their females, and the boxes are closed, and they sit on the shelf in front of the box. And for 4 weeks the boxes are opened. Then, for 4 weeks, only half the box is opened, while the other half is covered with cardboard. And in the last 3-4 stages, the female is shown before the embarkment.”