Year 2016 at the end, a year full of achievements and success for Team Florea Sorin. A year full in competitions, prizes and new champion pigeon acquisitions, as we expected. Romanian businessman Sorin Florea has acquired in recent years, pigeons with the best genetic lines oin Europe, Il Ragno, for example. Recent results show that stood on track in attaining or reputable breeder: and successful participation in the most important races of the world.

The participation and the results obtained from the columbofile races in recent years, have made the Team Florea Sorin one of most well-known and popular teams from Romania and beyond.

Sorin Florea was born into a family in were columbofile sport was practiced by his father at the highest level. Being extremely passionate about this sport, Nea Mazare, Florea Ion, passed this passion and his son make him quickly into a breeder very well-trained and ambitious.

Countless numbers of super pigeons from super class Western European bloodlines such as Geerinckx, Vandenabeele, Van Dyck, Derwa, Limbourg, De Cock, drape, Krüger, Veenstra and Koopman, arrived in Romania in the loft of Florea Sorin Team.

These references emphasizes excellence and knowledge on work Florea Sorin Team has pledged them in order to achieve the proposed objective: renowned breeder and successful participation in the most important races of the world. Certainly in 2017 will be other exceptional results of Romania’s top team.

Team Florea Sorin wishes you an 2017 full of accomplishments and results expectations! When passion knows no bounds the results are exceptional!

Let’s see how the year 2016 was for one of the best teams of pigeon breeders champions from Romania and aboard, Team Florea Sorin.

Early 2016, more specifically during the period 27-31 January 2016, Romexpo in Bucharest hosted the national exhibition and exhibition of rough caster European carrier pigeons, the biggest manifestation organized by Romania over the past three decades. On thi event, that true regal it has enjoyed the presence of over 1,000 of pigeons from 12 countries, winners of national and international competitions, were present all stars, as well as european legends of pigeons sport. See more here.


From the great event hosted under the auspices of the National Federation of Breeders of pigeons from Romania could not do without, obviously, Team Florea Sorin, the team recognized both within the country and abroad, who has several partnerships with large international  pigeon champions owners.

Mr. Sorin Florea, considered the standard in the field, owner of 1,200 pigeons, said the sport is extremely nice, but especially motivating.

“It’s a work for decades, a work from generation to generation, is passed on from father to son. At least in my case so they state things. My dad has grown from lovebirds 5 years and I am born with pigeons, I grew up with them. I got this virus «heritage». Incidentally, his passion turned into a «disease», no longer a hobby, “said Sorin Florea, who also stated that the performance is touching, but with effort and with skill,” making the visits from the best breeders and buying pigeons “.


  • On 6 February 2016 be held the final of one of the most well-known pigeon race worldwide, South African Million Dollar Pigeon Race. First place in the final was occupied by Ganus Family Loft from United States and II and III places were occupied by Germany by Reinhard Gebhardt (II Place) and Last Chance Syndicate (III Place). See more here.

Romania participates every year with many pigeons and this time the best Romanian pigeon from  finals belongs to Sorin Florea in tandem with Klaus Stieneker. Princes Nina is the first pigeon with ring from Romania who arrives in the finals SAMDPR, 20. Also we congratulate all romanians breeder  who participate at this extremely powerful competition.



  • Team Florea Sorin has excelent results at Arona Tenerife Dery, where they finish 4 at third race against 904 pigeons.

In March, Team Florea Sorin represents again with great success and pride Romania! In the semifinal Derby Arona-ului Tennerife 2016 first romanian pigeon arrived was a Team Florea Sorin pigeon .

One of the most difficult pigeon race in the world is definitely Derby Arona Tenerife. Semifinal RACE CAR FUERTEVENTURA Island is 230 Km race where the best pigeons have to arived in extremely difficult conditions.

In the first 70 pigeons arrive Team Florea Sorin have 3 pigeons, occupying seats 1, 3, 4 in the standings and 18 teams in the overall standings. The difference between the first place in the overall standings and received the Team Sorin Florea  is only 10 seconds in the race represents a very small difference. Basically the first pigeons, including the Romanian pigeon of Team Florea Sorin, arrived at the finish at the same time.

As a result of the exceptional result achieved by Flor 12 owned by TeamFlorea Sorin, Romania ranked 12 of 33 countries participating in the ranking by country of the semi-final RACE CAR FUERTEVENTURA Island. See more here.



  • Also in March, the Team Florea Sorin obtain with Noah,  5–th in the final Derby Arona Tenerife 2016. Difference between ranked first and incredible Noah was only 3 seconds, I can say without doubts, all those 5 pigeons are the champions of this edition.


  • In April the Team Florea Sorin sends at the “Victoria Falls World Challenge Pigeon Race” a batch of 50 pigeons, carefully selected, which is suitable for both conditions and climate of this area. See more here.


  • In may a Team Florea Sorin making an class acquisition. Along the years, the Team Florea Sorin acquired pigeons champions from other countries than Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands, including descendants of these pigeons. One of these acquisitions is the champion of Marathon racing, Il Ragno-IT10-025321, pigeon competed in Italy for Stella Rossa. Il Ragno, in Italy, season 2011 1st National Ace Long Distance Bird Italy. See more about it.



  • In June Team Florea Sorin participate at one of the best known racing pigeons in the world, the Algarve Golden Race 2016 with 11 teams. A team consisting of 3 pigeons. See more here.



  • In august, more specifically on august 27, 2016 finals ended pigeon loft, Pigeon Danish Race the most important race One Loft Race in Scandinavia. At the start of this year’s contest were inscribed 1714 pigeons. Team Florea Sorin participated with a total of 10 pigeons, and 7 of them were qualified for the finals. They managed to drive exceptional results, the final One Loft Pigeon Race 2016 on the Danish node positions 8, 23, 92, 212, 512. See more about this.



  • In September 2016, Sorin Florea Team paritcipat in the auction of M & C Hansen, one of the largest auction houses in Denmark, with a total of 400 pigeons. Some pigeons have successfully participated in the famous One loft race in Scandinavia, with excellent results. Super mating pigeons come from Pigeon lofts Team Sorin Florea, sons, daughters, nephews and nieces of the international elite of champions and even international champions. See more here.

sorin Florea


  • Also in September, pigeons of Team Sorin Florea managed again to confirm the qualities of their top pigeons in Algarve Golden Race 2016. As expected all the top breeders due to excellent and consistent results do pigeons Sorin Florea Team managed a sensational 5th place overall, two pigeons in the top 100 and five birds arrive on the first day of finals, and a total of 18 birds that are finished the race. Ranking breeders in Romania, Sorin Florea Team occupies the 1st and 3rd place was won by team mate Breazu + Grigorescu – Team A.


  • In October, the short visit of a few hours that Mike Tyson did in Bucharest, at the launch of Black Energy energy drink, he was visiting his friend Sorin Florea. The two havea very beautiful conversation for over an hour about the common passion for pigeons. See more about Mike visit.



  • In the last two months of 2016 Sorin Florea Team dedicated to preparing for competitions in 2017. The ambitions and hopes are high for next year, as it must be, given the extremely valuable lot in recent years and gained experience in international competitions Team Sorin Florea attended.


  • in december Florea Sorin’s pigeons conquered the African continent in the race from South Africa Million Dollar Pigeon Race. See more here.

Porumbeii Florea Sorin cuceresc continentul African

At the end of the year Sorin Florea Team wishes to thank all collaborators, friends, partners and last but not least the fans for the support that they have given the team throughout 2016.

We wish you a happy new year 2017 full of prizes!